Sunday, December 26, 2004

Why are drugs bad?

This is a followup to my last post on disicpline.

I pondered a few days ago why drugs are bad. Sure, addiction, bi-effects, physical detoriation, etc. However, let’s assume an ultimate drug was created - with the aforementioned negative effects of drugs removed? I still would not make use of them much. Why? South Park said it best: They make you okay with being bored. It’s when you are bored that you should be creating stuff or learning new things. Drugs are super-easily accessible stimulation.

There are two things in my life that I keep very limited. Alcohol intake and TV.
I’m not ethically opposed to any of them or anything like that. I like getting hammered, and I like sitting in front of the telly when I’m drained. It’s just that they both make me okay with being bored, and it’s when I’m bored that I’m most creative and productive. Thus, I don’t keep alcohol or a TV in my own home, so that I become bored, and in turn creative and productive.

I have a few friends who basically drink alcohol every weekend. I don’t record their habits or anything like that, but from what I can gather from conversation, they also watch a lot of television. These people are very nice and I like hanging around them, but they are not creative or productive people. They are not restless. They are not bored. They use the easy fix, and it is preventing them from doing what I do.

TV is a fucking dangerous device. If you turn it on, you tend to be mesmerized by it, and just sit like some vegetable receiving constant stimulation. I’m gonna make a point of not ever, ever turning on the TV without knowing what I’m going to watch beforehand. Zapping KILLS creativity, productivity and your will to achieve.

If you listen to successful people in interviews, this advice is given out a lot. A while back, I listened to a speech by a guy who is a very successful actor here in Sweden – he also works a lot with music and event marketing. He said that he has always been driven by some kind of restlessness. He didn’t really ever play Nintendo all that much or watch TV – he went for new experiences instead. You’ll hear this from SO many successful people.

By all means, watch TV and get drunk as hell. They can both be great, and be rewarding experiences. But make sure you do it because you want to or need to, and NOT because you are bored. When you are bored, make new stuff, not old stuff.

Until next friday, I remain,

Your serf and servant
Mattias Johansson

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