Monday, January 03, 2005

Keeping your cool

I'm at my dads place on the country. I have just downed a glass of scotch, and I'm feeling much better about my situation. The company is putting a lot of pressure on me at the moment, and to be honest, it has been getting to me the last few days.

But in the end, you need to stay calm to handle things. It's absolutely necessary. Worrying about something more than once or twice will cause you to paralyze very quickly. When you have an inbox that is huge, phone calls from creditors, and people working in your apartment, a calm is your #1 priority.

Do what you need to keep your calm. Everything falls if you don't have your calm. Make time for the stuff that keeps your calm.

In my case, it is...

1. Sleep.
Go to sleep at a regular time every evening (sleep that you have before midnight is deeper and more efficient, btw) and get up at the same time every morning. This is tremendously important. Most people don't get how much compromises on sleep takes it's toll. Two hours less sleep means a 50% drop in productivity. Easy.

2. Food.
I eat crappy food, so I compensate that by eating a bunch of vitamins with it. Every day. The difference in energy between a day with bad food/no vitamins and a day with good food/vitamins is huge. Keep your body in shape. It's the base for your brain, which is the base for your business.

3. Exercise.
Best way to get your energy levels up and your harmful stress levels down is regular exercise. This demands a time investment (shut up with your "I don't have time" excuses), and it WILL pay off in productivity improvements. If you're feeling totally stressed out and disturbed with your situation, 40 minutes on the mill will do wonders.

4. Saturdays off
As I've talked about in an earlier blog entry, I always take my saturdays off. Always. They are sacred.

Stay calm. Stay cool. Take care of yourself. Until next friday, I remain

your serf and servant
Mattias Johansson

PS. Read Brendon Sinclairs blog, if you don't already. PS.